How To Fix Siri Not Working Issue on iOS?

Siri is Apple’s virtual assistant that does plenty of work for its users. For instance, it not only helps in searching for directions but also can play songs, tell jokes, and a lot more. Most of the time, users get highly dependent on Siri. When Siri stops working, they face a lot of problems. Do not worry. You can fix the problem by following the instructions given in the blog.

The method of troubleshooting Siri not working issue

  1. Make your voice clear– Try to make your command as clear and simple as possible. Siri is habitual of direct questions. For instance,you can say: call father or play Goodnight by Maroon 5. So prefer putting your questions like this.
  2. Do a restart of your iPhone or iPad– Restarting the device might clear the problems related with bad cellular and Wi-Fi connection. These two issues can make Siri stop working. After the restart, check if the issue is still present or not.

Remember! Only a simple restart of your gadget shall not remove any of your files. It will just reboot your phone.

  • Look the network connections– Getting a reply by Siri with the statement as ‘Sorry, I’m having trouble connecting to the network’ or else ‘Try again in a little while’? In such cases there might be a problem of network connection. Ensure that your iPhone is connected to the net and check it once by activating Siri one more time. Note that if you get network connection problems, you need to look at resetting the network settings on the iPhone of yours.
  • Ensure that Siri is enabled– Siri might be disabled on your iPhone. You might have to manually turn on Siri so that can get Siri working for you. Check the settings and enable it.
  • Check that you’ve not put any restrictions– Note that by mistake you’ve not put any restrictions on Siri that is blocking it to work normally. In case there are restrictions, remove them.
  • Enable the location services– Siri requires access to the location of yours for answering questions related to weather and directions, etc. so, keep the location service of your iPhone enabled.
  • Download the present iOS updates– An iPhone that needs to get updated can do plenty of unwanted things, comprising misbehaving with Siri. Download the latest iOS update and see if your issue gets resolved or not.

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