Android Q is Now Android 10: Everything to Know

Google recently stated that the upcoming Android Q would be named Android 10 and that its official release should be expected soon. Android 10 will be offering OS and software updates for anyone who is growing tired of their Android device. The first beta version for Android Q was released back in March. Its sixth update was released recently, which will also be the last one for the beta version.

New features were added to Android 10 with every beta update. The updates surpassed the features which Google had announced and showcased in May at the Google I/O.

New features added include:

  • Enhanced privacy settings
  • Bubble notification function
  • Full-on gesture navigation
  • Slick Live-Caption function

The beta is still available if you want to test it, but keep in mind that the beta has some issues. Decreased battery life and disabling of some apps are one of them.

However, here are some of the features added by Google in the upcoming Android 10:

  1. Bubbles

The Bubble notification works like Chat heads where a circular pop-up will hover over any app you are using. Google varied the developers as to what apps may use Bubble notification because the notification appears annoyingly quickly on the screen.

If you minimize a call, then a small circle with the call details will hover on the screen. If you tap on the circle, then several options will appear for the call like Speaker, Hang Up and Back to Call. If you drag it, you will get two options regarding it: End Call or Hide. Dragging the circle down to any option will perform the function.

  • QR Code and Wi-Fi

Android 10 has added a new function that creates a QR code for Wi-Fi pairing. You can connect to someone’s Wi-Fi network by scanning the QR code. To use the feature:

  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Under Network Connectivity option locate Wi-Fi
  • Tap on Share option with a small QR code.
  • Undo A Removed App

If you customize your home screen according to the apps you need usually, then you must know how annoying it is when you accidentally remove a shortcut from there. Well, not anymore as the Android 10 provides an undo option after you remove an item from the screen. Just tap on Undo, and the shortcut will appear where it was removed from.

  • Location Control

Android will now let you control which app can use what sort of Location information. As of now, you can either provide your location all the time or never at all to the app. However, Android 10 will let you choose when the app can use the Location information. It helps you save battery life while also securing sensitive information as well.

  • Privacy Settings

New Android OS will have a dedicated tab for Privacy Settings. You will get several options like contact, camera, location, and microphone under there.

The new function will let you control what permission you wish to provide to the apps. It makes it simpler to grant and restrict permissions for a specific app.

  • Live Caption

To enhance user accessibility, Google is now offering an option to live caption a video playing on your device, without the need for a Wi-Fi connection. The option will only be available after the official release of the OS.

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