Wi-Fi 6: Launch Date, Specifications, and Features

Wi-Fi 6 is a next-generation wireless technology which was previously known as 802.11 ax, but later on, the Wi-Fi Alliance decided to change the name and gave it a more handy name. Wi-Fi 6 is superior to the Wi-Fi 5 in most ways. Wi-Fi 5 is used in current routers and other internet devices.

The aim behind changing its name is to make the name easier to remember and understand. Rather than using meaningless numbers and letters which most of the people don’t remember, terms like 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, are easier to remember.

But what features we are getting in the new version Wi-Fi 6? If you think that it is faster than you are absolutely right.  It works much faster than its previous version. It has been designed in such a way that will provide more stable and overall better Wi-Fi performance even when a crowd is using it. It has many other advantages over the Wi-Fi 5.

Wi-Fi 6 Release Date

According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, the Wi-Fi 6 will be released in ‘later in 2019.’ From this statement, it seems that Wi-Fi 6 is likely to be released somewhere at the end of 2019. The Wi-Fi devices will be labeled as Wi-Fi 6 in the upcoming months.

Now you may have noticed that some Wi-Fi routers are currently being sold labeled as Wi-Fi 6(802.11ax). You have noticed the right thing but do you know that these early created routers use a draft version of Wi-Fi 6 which was not finalized. So the upcoming devices will be more stable and will have more features.

If you have a Wi-Fi 6 enabled router then you will also require its compatible client device on the other end of the connection to get the peak performance of your new router.

Wi-Fi 6 Specifications And Performance

Wi-Fi has 2.4GHz and 5GHz band frequency so that it will be a lot faster than the older Wi-Fi routers. It boosts the speed up to 375 when compared to the others. It is more focused on better performance even when it is connected with many devices. So even if you are in a building, a public venue or other crowded places, its speed and performance won’t be that much affected.

It uses a key player with OFDMA technology which stands for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access. This new technology allows Wi-Fi 6  to works faster and performs better even when multiple devices use it.

Source:- http://en-mcafee.com/wi-fi-6-launch-date-specifications-and-features/

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