How to Get Free Coins on Line App

Line is the most famous chatting application. This app has different features which include various types of stickers, GIFs, emojis that you can buy with Line points. You can purchase those coins from Google Play and iTunes. In case you do not wish to spend any money on those coins, then here are some steps listed below to get free coins on Line app.

Here’s How to Get Free Coins on Line App

•    Adding the Line Official Accounts

1.    Go to the Line application on the Android phone.

2.    Click on the three dots symbol located in the upper right-hand side of the display.

3.    Click on the Line Points option to check the recent point balance.

4.    It will start indicating the zero number.

5.    Choose the Earn option.

6.    The Line application will suggest you the steps you can follow to get the free coins.

7.    Each action will tell you how many Line free coins you will earn by finishing this procedure.

8.    The Official accounts column provides you a menu list of all the accounts for adding to earn the reward.

9.    Press on the account known as Line Points.

10.    The add webpage gets open on your screen.

11.    Select the “Add as Friend” option.

12.    The context menu will get open on your screen.

13.    Click on the Add option.

14.    Now, the official line account gets added to the Friends menu list.

15.    Click on an olive color option.

16.    This option indicates “Get Points.”

17.    This reward will help you to earn a reward.

•    Playing the Line Games

1.    Go to the Line application.

2.    Choose the Line Game option.

3.    This option shows next to the upper side of the display.

4.    You will get the game controller symbol on it.

5.    Click on the game which you wish to get in the “Line Points” column.

6.    Check the Points you can get.

7.    Start playing the game to go to a particular level.

8.    Check the goals before the game starts.

9.    Go through the guidelines.

10.    Play the game.

11.    Complete the missions.

•    Using Tapjoy and click on the way to get free Points

1.    Click on the Line application.

2.    Click on three dots symbol.

3.    Go to the menu.

4.    Choose the Line Points option.

5.    Check the recent balance.

6.    Click on the Earn option.

7.    Choose the Tapjoy option.

8.    This option is provided below the “Other Missions” option.

9.    Go through the notice.

10.    Read the terms and conditions.

11.    Choose the activity.

12.    Search for various types of activities.

13.    These activities include surveys, contests, mail list subscription, download and try the applications, and many others.

14.    Choose the activity.

15.    You will get the rules and reward section.

16.    Click on the “Earn Line Points” located at the end of the display.

17.    Go through the guidelines.

18.    Each activity has various requirements and steps.

19.    It is important to go through the steps.


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