How to Use the Ribbon of Windows Outlook App

Outlooks ribbon is a collection of different toolbars that include lots of buttons to perform various commands. User can quickly execute a command by simply clicking on a button in the ribbon. Users mostly use the File, View, Folder, and Send/Receive tab, but they don’t know more about the other toolbars in the ribbon. Here you’ll know about all the toolbars you see in the Outlook apps ribbon.

How to use the ribbon of Windows Outlook app

Outlook app by default opens with Home tab open when you launch it. The home tab is the most useful and used toolbar in the ribbon in almost all of the apps. From the Home tab, you can perform most of the necessary tasks, including receiving, creating, and sending emails. The action buttons in the Home tab are categorized into groups.

Here is the command you’ll find in these groups.

New Group: From here, you can create a new email using the ‘New Email’ button. Alternatively, if you want to make tasks, appointments, and more, then use the ‘New Items’ button.

Delete Group: You can delete a message from here, click on the ‘Delete’ button to remove the email selected. From here, you can also manage your emails by using the Ignore, Junk, and Clean up button.

Respond Group: According to its name, this group has tools used to respond. You can reply to messages, forward emails, and even choose different methods of responding as well as set your meetings from here. Click the ‘Reply’ button to revert a mail, use ‘Reply All’ to send a message at once to all. Select ‘Forward’ to forward an email you received.

Quick Steps Group: In this group, you’ll find some quick commands tools, these are:

•    Create New

•    Move to (You can use this button to move an email into a folder).

•    Team Email

•    To Manager

•    Done

These commands are used to reply, delete, move, and more quickly. You can click on the arrow at the lower right corner of the toolbar to reveal more commands.

Move Group: Here, you’ll find the commands to transfer email messages, create rules, as well as to access One Note.

Tags Group: This group is at the left side of the Outlook app ribbon. In this, you’ll get commands like, Mark message as read or unread, add a flag, and categorize emails.

Find Group: You can find a contact, message, quickly from here. There are some more tools in the Find group, including filter email, and address book.

These are the toolbars in Outlook ribbon that you can use to make your work easy.

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