How to change phone number and color on iMessage in iPhone

Apple’s iMessage is very easy to use for every iPhone user. iPhone users easily communicate with each other, and can customize it as well. If you want to change your phone number or color on iMessage, then you can simply change the phone number or app color by following the steps.

Reset your Phone Number on iPhone

Here is the process of resetting your phone number on the iPhone. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    First, you need to understand how it works because changing the phone number is only required when your iPhone phone number is shown in your iMessage section.

•    After that, launch your iPhone Settings.

•    Then go down and click on the “Messages” icon.

•    Switch the iMessage toggle, and it turns green.

•    After that switch off your iPhone and wait for 10 minutes

•    Then long press power button and turn on your iPhone.

•    Once iPhone turns on, then you will type your passcode, if you are using any.

•    Then you can open your Settings, select “Messages” and switch the iMessage toggle.

•    Now, check and ensure that the phone number at the top is your current number.

Set iMessage send location

Here is the process to set iMessage send location in iPhone. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    First, you can launch your iPhone’s Settings.

•    Then you can move down and click on “Messages” option.

•    Click on “Send and Receive.”

•    Check the “START NEW CONVERSATION FROM” section.

•    Now, select your email ID from which you want to send iMessages.

Change color in iMessage

Here is the process of changing color in iMessage. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    Go to your iPhone Home screen and open App Store.

•    You can select the search option on the lower side.

•    After that, you can search the app for creating different message images.

•    Then find an app with good ratings.

•    Now, click on Install.

•    After that, launch the app.

•    Now, you can create customized text messages. It has a different menu option to make an image file that suits you.

•    Then you can easily copy, paste, and send the file you have created.

Change color in iMessage  by Jailbreaking iPhone

Here is the process of changing color in iMessage by Jailbreaking iPhone. Follow the instructions carefully.

•   You can update your programs and save files. Ensure that you have a backup of your data.

•    Go to the search option and find the Jailbreaking program and install it.

•    Ensure that your PC and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Complete the Jailbreaking procedure on iPhone

Here is the process of Jailbreaking on iPhone. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    First, you can put your phone on device firmware upgrade (DFU) mode.

•    Then turn off your iPhone and connect it to the computer, and now you are ready to transfer your downloaded program.

•    After that, the jailbreak program will start on your iPhone, and you will have to wait to restart the iPhone.

•    After the restart, your iPhone will be asked to be put in DFU mode.

•    Then locate the IP address your iPhone uses.

•    Open the terminal on your computer, enter the following command: “ssh root@<IP address>” and then enter the password.

•    Now, you can install Cydia. This app is used to download new programs after the jailbreak.

•    Then restart your iPhone.

•    Open the Cydia app.

•    After that, choose the brand new customization application icon.


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